Friday, 18 March 2011

Walking day

In June this year myself and three friends are going to the walk the West Highland Way - Glasgow to Fort William (93 miles).  The reason for doing this is one of the party - Mary - will be 70, although you wouldn't believe it,  and she had read about the walk and liked the sound of it so she asked if we would like to join her.  The four of us have done a few long distance walks over the last few years, one being the Coast to Coast.  In prepartion for the WHW Mary and I decided we would do some extra walks during the week, we usually walk with a walking club every Sunday.  A local long distance walk in our area is the Minster Way - walking from Beverley Minster to York Minster (50 miles) therefore this seemed and ideal opportunity to do the walk as training and today we did the first 10.5 miles - Beverley to Kilnwick. 

The weather was brilliant, the walking easy along field paths and roads.  During our lunch stop in the church yard in Scourton we heard a woodpecker and saw a pheasant chasing a stoat, and the bird song was wonderful.  It was so peaceful.

It was lovely to walk in our local area as we normally travel a little further afield.  It was also nice to see the villages of Arram, Scourton, Lockington and Kilnwick in more details as these are usually by passed when we drive by.

The only down side of the day was that I forgot my camera - what a numpty.

Can't wait for the next section - hope the weather is as good.

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